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Nashuatec MPC3502 Colour Photocopier / Colour Printer

Nashuatec MPC3502  Colour Photocopier / Colour Printer

The Aficio™MPC3002/MPC3502 are the perfect office partners: smart MFPs you can adapt to meet your team's unique needs. In three words: efficient, hardworking and versatile. The user-friendly home screen saves time and effort. A range of handy features aid workflow and connectivity between colleagues. You can set your own security standards with optional checks and controls. And besides low energy use there are extra options to help your business think and act even greener. In short, these are elegant, highachieving all-rounders that will look good and work well in any office.

• 30-35 colour prints/copies per minute
• Intelligent design: elegance and usability
• International security standards and environmental best practice
• Customisable home screen with personal shortcuts and favourites
• Smart software solutions that optimise office efficiency

Telephone 0845 257 1121 for price and availability

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