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Gestetner MPC4502ad Colour Multi Function Device

Gestetner MPC4502ad Colour Multi Function Device

The Aficio™MPC4502AD/MPC4502SPDF/MPC5502AD/MPC5502SPDF are the ultimate document solutions: performance colour MFPs that think with you. High productivity, fast turn-around, smart cost savers. All underpinned by an intuitive interface packed with efficient workflow and connectivity features. These MFPs not only meet international security and environmental standards. With their extra safety, compliance and energy-saving options, they let you determine just how green and secure your workplace needs to be.

• 45-55 colour prints/copies per minute
• High speed scanning with single pass duplex (MPC4502SPDF /MPC5502SPDF models)
• International security standards and environmental best practice
• Intelligent design: elegance and usability
• Customisable home screen with personal shortcuts and favourites

Telephone 0845 257 1121 for price and availability

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