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SG 2100N/SG 3110DN/SG 3110DNw/SG 7100DN User Guide

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About This Product

This chapter describes the names and functions of the machine's parts and options.

Preparing for Printing

This chapter describes installation and setup procedures.

Specifying the Printer Driver Settings

This chapter describes how to print documents using the printer driver.

Machine Setup Menus

This section describes the menu items for configuring and adjusting machine settings.

Monitoring and Configuring the Machine

This chapter describes how to monitor and configure the machine.

Using the Machine with a Macintosh

This chapter describes how to use the machine with a Macintosh.


This chapter describes how to maintain and operate the machine.


This chapter describes troubleshooting procedures that are applicable to all functions of this machine and what to do when paper misfeed (become jammed inside the machine).