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Notifying the Machine Status by E-mail

You can be notified of the machine status by e-mail on an occasion such as if the machine runs out of paper or paper is jammed.

The e-mail notifying the machine status will be sent to the e-mail address specified as the destination in advance. You can also specify the timing and status to notify.


  • Depending on your e-mail application, a phishing warning message might appear when you receive e-mail. To stop this warning message appearing, see your e-mail application's Help for details about registering trusted senders.

To receive reports of the machine’s status by e-mail, set [Notify by Email] to [On] in the [System] menu, and then specify an e-mail address and other required settings using Web Image Monitor. The [Auto Email Notification] setting can be changed only by the administrator.

The following status can be notified: