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Displaying Top Page

This section explains the Top Page and how to display Web Image Monitor.

1Launch the Web browser.

2In the address bar, enter "http://(machine's IP address or host name)/".

When setting SSL, a protocol for encrypted communication, under environment which server authentication is issued, enter "https://(machine's IP address or host name)/".

The displayed Web Image Monitor page is split into the following areas:

web browser screen illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Menu Area

    A menu appears.

  2. Tab area

    Details about each menu appear.

  3. Language Selection Menu

    Select a language.

    If the displayed page is garbled when using an English language operating system, select "English" with the language selection menu.

  4. Auto Update Interval

    You can specify the update interval on the [Status] tab's work area.

    Information for other menus and tabs are not automatically updated, so click [Refresh] to update.

    Default: [10 seconds]

  5. Header area

    You can check the version of the machine's firmware by clicking icon. Check whether you need to update the firmware by comparing its version with that of the latest firmware via the Internet. You can change the machine settings by clicking [Administrator Login] to access the machine as an administrator.

    You can check the answers to commonly asked questions and other useful information about using this machine.

    Click icon to view the Frequently Asked Questions. An internet connection is required to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

  6. Help

    Use Help to view Help file contents.

  7. Main Area

    Displays the contents of the item selected in the menu area.


  • To display Web Image Monitor, click [Web Image Monitor...] on the [Configuration/About] tab in the [Printing Preferences] dialog box.